Descendents of Ephraim Lyon and Abigail Crosby

Descendents of Ephraim Lyon and Abigail Crosby

Ephraim Lyon 1684/85
married 1st Abigail Crosby
1 Lyon
2 Lyon
3 Ephraim Lyon 1709/10
4 Thomas Lyon 1713/14
5 Josias Lyon 1714
6 Amarial Lyon 1715/16
married Lydia Stebbins
A. John Lyon 1747/48 – 1807
married Elizabeth Moore
i John Lyon 1784 – 1874
married Mary Chapel
a. John Lyon 1814 – 1890
married Ellen Ursula Rogers
1 Nelson Judson Lyon 1853 – 1935
married 1st Frances A Allen
(A) Nancy Ellen Lyon 1895 – 1988
married Fredrick W Minson
(i) Frances A Minson
married ? Dorr
(a) Lorna B Dorr
married 2nd Mary M (?) Dickinson
married 3rd Nellie Gray (?) Allen
married 2nd Alice Craft
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