Claude Lyon-Bowes (1824-1904)

Claude Lyon-Bowes
Born 21st July 1824 Redbourn
Son of Thomas George Lyon-Bowes and Charlotte Grinstead
Succeeded his brother as the 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Changed surname to Bowes-Lyon
Married 28th September 1853 Frances Dora Smith Bexley Kent
Died 16th February 1904 Bordighera
Succeeded as Earl by his eldest son Claude

Frances Dora Smith
Born 29th July 1932
Daughter of Oswald Smith of Blendon Hall Kent
Died 5th February 1922

Children of Claude Lyon-Bowes and Frances Smith:

  1. Claude George Bowes-Lyon (14th Earl)  K.G. K.T. G.C.V.O.
    Born 1855
    Married 1881 Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck
    Died 1944
  2. Francis Bowes-Lyon of Ridley Hall Bardon Mill Northumberland
    Born 1856
    Married 1883 Lady Anne Catherine Sybil Lindsay
    Died 1948
  3. Ernest Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1858
    Married 1882 Issobel Hester Drummond
    Died 1891
  4. Herbert Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1860
    Died 1897
  5. Patrick Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1863
    Married 1893 Alice Wiltshire
    Died 1946
  6. Kenneth Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1867
    Died 1911
  7. Malcolm Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1874
    Married 1907 Winifred Gurdon-Rebow
    Died 1957
  8. Lady Constance Frances Bowes-Lyon
    Married 1893 Robert Francis Leslie Blackburn
    Died 1951
  9. Mildred Marion Bowes-Lyon
    Born 1868
    Married 1890 Augustus Edward Jessup of Torquay
    Died 1897
  10. Maud Agnes Bowes-Lyon
    Died 1941
  11. Evelyn Mary Bowes-Lyon
    Died 1876
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