Patrick Bowes-Lyon (1884-1946)

Right Honorable
Patrick Bowes-Lyon
Born 22nd September 1884 St Paul’s Walden Bury
Son of Claude Bowes-Lyon and Nina Cavendish-Bentinck
Succeeded his father as 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
(Viscount Lyon; Lord Glamis, Tannadyce, Sidlaw and Strathdichtie; Baron Bowes of Streatlam Castle county Durham, and of Lunedale county York; Chief of the Name and Arms of Lyon; DL and JP county Angus; JP county Durham; Captain Late Scots Guards)
Married 21st November 1908 Lady Dorothy Beatrice Godolphin Osborne in London
Served and was wounded in World War I as a Major in the 5th Battalion of the Black Watch (TA)
Died 25th May 1949 Angus Scotland
Succeeded as Earl by his 2nd son Timothy Patrick

Lady Dorothy Beatrice Godolphin Osborne
Born 3rd December 1888
Daughter of George Godolphin Osborne (10th Duke of Leeds) and Lady Katherine Frances Lambton
Died 18th June 1946

Patrick Bowes-Lyon and Dorothy Osborne had 4 children:

  1. John Patrick Bowes-Lyon (Master of Glamis)
    Born 1st January 1910
    Killed in action 19th September 1941 in the Halfaya Pass
  2. Cecilia Bowes-Lyon
    Born 28th February 1912
    Married 1939 Major Kenneth Douglas Evelyn Herbert Harington (no children)
    Died 20th March 1947
  3. Timothy Patrick Bowes-Lyon (16th Earl)
    Born 18th March 1918
    Married 1958 Mary Bridget Brennan
    Died 13th September 1972
  4. Nancy Moira Bowes-Lyon
    Born 18th March 1918
    Married 1st Lance Percy Burra-Robinson two sons: Christopher Patrick 6 August 1941 Simon Lance 5 August 1945
    Married 2nd John Blair (no children)
    Died 11th February 1959


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