Sir John de Lyons (1270-1312)

Sir John de Lyons
Born circa 1270 Northamptonshire England
Son of Sir Richard de Leons and Emma [possibly de Ramsay]
Knighted circa 1297 {Origins of the English Gentry, Coss, 2003, P249}
Married Margerie de Okeley
Died 1312
Buried Chapel of St.Mary’s Church Warkworth Northamptonshire

Margerie de Okeley
Born circa 1275 Great Oakley Northamptonshire England
Daughter of Richard de Okeley
Inherited circa 1295 her father’s estates of Oakley and Childerley
Died 1322
Buried Chapel of St.Mary’s Church Warkworth Northamptonshire

Children of John de Lyons and Margerie de Okeley:

  1. John de Lions
    Born circa 1295
  2. Richard de Lions
  3. Margerie de Lions
  4. Agnes de Lions

1299, The liberties of John de Lions and Margery his wife.

~1300, “Richard de Seyton states that he had married his ward, Margery de Okley, and that he had been in possession of her and her land for four years and more when John de Lyons carried her off by force against her will, and still holds her and her land.” (S) UKNA.

1301, John de Lyons assessed 12s 3.5d in Villata de Warkeworth, Norhamptonshire. (S) Norhamptonshire Tax Assessments, King’s Sutton Hundred.

1302, a fine was levied of two parts of the manor of Warkworth to the use of John de Lyons and his heirs. (S) History, Topography, and Directory of Northamptonshire, Whellan, 1874, P503.

1302-03, John de Lions and Margery his wife hold fee in Chylderle Magna. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, Farrer, 1920.

1304, John Gerard of Banbury to John de Leone, Margery his wife and Richard, their son.

11/7/1305, Letters … chancellor of Ireland, nominating … John de Lyouns for one year. (S) CPRs.

5/25/1306, Commission of oyer … on complaint of Richard de Middleton … he caused the beasts of John de Lyuns to be seized … at Warkeworth, co. Northampton, the said John, Nicholas and Richard his brothers, … Richard son of Nicholas de Lyuns, … rescued the same and assaulted his servants. (S) CPRs.

1310, John and Margery settled the reversion in tail of Great Childerley on their son Richard.

1311, John heir to his mother.

1311, John de Liouns to son John, land in Swerford parva dower land of mother, Emma, with reversion to Richard, his brother. Witness, Thomas Lionus of Dustowe …

1317, Margerie a widow, retained her half of Great Childerley.

(S) Lyon Memorial, Lyons, 1905, P435. (S) A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V9, 1989.

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