Robert Lyon (17xx-18xx)

Robert Lyon

Moved from Connecticut to Stockbridge early in the set­tlement of the town


1. Chester

Born 25thMay 1772

Moved to Braintree in the fall of 1801

Married Thirza Pool of Brooklyn Connecticut (died 18th October 1843, aged 71)

Died 17th March 1812


1. Chester Jr born 15th October 1796 Mayfield Connecticut

Drowned May 1812 at Whitehall New York

2. Nancy born 16th March 1798 in Mayfield

Died 1812 aged 14

3. Maria born 13th April 1800 in Hampton Connecticut

Married 1st 1st February 1821 Jabez Smith

Married 2nd 2nd September 1847 Augustus Flint

Died 18th January 1883

4. William born 11th January 1802 in Braintree

Married 7th January 1825, Betsey Mann

Lived in Brookfield

Died 23rd February 1854

5. Amasa born 17th October 1803

Married Polly Barnes of Stockbridge

Lived and died in Stockbridge

6. Hannah born 24th December 1804

Married 2nd December 1824 Isaac Nichols

Died 22nd September 1872

7. Salome born August 18, 1807

Married 10th July 1830 Rodney Jones of Middlesex

Lived and died in Middlesex

8. Robert born 29th April 1809; lived with his uncle Alvin after two years of age

Married 1st January 1833 Mary B Bass


1. Sarah B born 1835

Died 23rd October 185

2. Emeroy F born 31st August 1836

Died 22nd August 1837

3. Emeroy Jane born 15th August ?

Married 7th May 1861 Osman W Church of Jericho

Survives her husband at Remington Indiana

Married 2nd December 2, 1841, Lucinda Bass, who d. July 13„ 1843;


4. Lucinda Bass

Married 18th December 1860 W H Harrison Harwood

Married 3rd 17th March 1844 Mrs. Abigail (Bass) Parish (died 3rd October 1859)


5. Mary B born 26th August 1845

Married 3rd September 1867 Myron Arms of Randolph (from Wisconsin)

6. Parish B born 23rd July 1851

Married 16th March 1875 Nellie Mergem (a Merchant from Remington Indiana)

9. Mary Ann born in the fall of 1811

Married ? Rogers

Lived and died in Stockbridge.

2. Alvin

Born 26thNovember 1777

Married 1st 20th January 1807 Philena French of Stockbridge (died 8th March 1820 aged 43)

Daughter of John French of Stockbridge, formerly from Massachusetts

Married 2nd 11th February 1821, Sarah E French (born July 1785; died 19th October 1873; sister of first wife)

Died 16th February 1848

Although no children of his own he made a home for the following:

1. Maria S Fay born 20th May 1804

Niece adopted at 4 years of age

Married 1st December 1824 Thomas A Vance

Resided after 1850 in Lempster and Manchester New Hampshire

Died 2nd May 1874

2. Isaac F Barry

Nephew of Alvin’s 2nd wife Sarah

3. Robert Lyon

Brother’s son (see above)

4. Lucinda Austin

Sister of Leonard Austin born 21st July 1817

Adopted at 8 years of age

Went west and married there

5. Harvey Lyon Vinton

Son of Samuel Vinton adopted at 3 years of age

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