Amy Lyon (1765-1815)

Amy Lyon aka: Emma Hart aka: Lady Hamilton
Daughter of Henry Lyon of Ness and Mary Kidd of Hawarden
Born 26th April 1765 Ness Cheshire England
Father died June 1765 when Amy was but 2 months old
Mary and Amy then moved to Hawarden
In 1777 Amy was working as a maid for Dr.Thomas Surgeon in Hawarden
Afterwards she went to work for the Budd family in London
Mistress of Sir Harry Featherstonhaugh
Mistress of Sir Charles Grenville
Married Sir William Hamilton
Mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson
Died 15th January 1815

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  1. Early life
  2. Attitudes
  3. Marriage to Sir William Hamilton
  4. Meeting with Nelson
  5. The final years
  6. In popular culture
  7. References
  8. Sources
  9. External links

Sir William Hamilton

Children of Amy Lyon:

  1. Emma Carew
    Father was Harry Featherstonhaugh
    Raised by Mr and Mrs Blackburn
  2. Horatia Nelson Thompson
    Father was Lord Horatio Nelson
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