Lyon Family Timeline

1999 Donald dies in Sherbrooke and buried in Island Brook
1987 David marries Linda Asselin of Ottawa
1987 Bertram dies in Sherbrooke and buried in Island Brook
1985 David moves to Ottawa
1981 David moves to Montreal
1955 David born in Sherbrooke
1955 Donald marries Barbara Huckins of Fitch Bay
194x Bertram goes to war in Europe
1933 Edward dies in Montreal and buried in Island Brook
1932 Donald born in Sherbrooke
1931 Bertram marries Ruth Edney of Sherbrooke
192x Bertram moves to Sherbrooke
1923 Levi dies and buried in Island Brook
1905 Bertram born in Island Brook (Newport Township)
19xx Edward marries Alice Dawson of Island Brook
1881 Edward born in Island Brook (Newport Township)
1878 Eliphalet dies in Island Brook and buried in Sawyerville
1864 Levi marries Lucy Wheeler of Eaton
1855 John dies and buried in Lunenburg Corner Vt
1842 Levi born in Newport Township
183x Eliphalet moves to Newport Township
183x Eliphalet marries Jane Tillotson
1809 Eliphalet born Lunenburg Vt
1799 John moves to Lunenburg Vt
1799 Eliphalet moves to Lunenburg Vt
17xx John marries Lucy Bowker and moves to New London NH
1770 John born in North Salisbury
17xx Eliphalet moves to North Salisbury
1766 Eliphalet marries Jane Pond and moves to Dedham Mass
1740 Eliphalet born in Ashford Conn
1734 Thomas Sr dies in Roxbury Mass
17xx Gould moves to Ashford Conn
1726 Gould marries Elizabeth Chapman
1717 Thomas Jr dies Woodstock Conn
1706 Gould born in Woodstock Conn
1698 Thomas Jr marries Abigail Clark of Dedham Mass
1693 Anne dies during childbirth
1692 William dies in Roxbury Mass
1682 Thomas Jr marries Anne Cass
1676 William marries Mrs.Martha (Philbrick) Cass in Rowley Mass 1670 Thomas Jr born in Roxbury Mass
1669 Thomas Sr marries Abigail Gould in Boston Mass
1648 Thomas Sr born in Roxbury Mass
1646 marries Sarah Ruggles in Roxbury Mass
1635 William departs London on the Hopewell and settles in Roxbury Mass
1621 William baptized Heston Parish Middlesex

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