Alice Lyon (15xx-1572)

John Millett of Hayes Court, who died before 21 October 1571, married Alice Lyon of Twifford (Twyford), Middlesex, whose will was dated 21 October 1571 and proved on 22 February 1572. Alice was the daughter of Henry Lyon of Ruislip, Middlesex (born 1495) and Dorothy ?, and sister of Richard Lyon of West Twyford, who was first cousin and heir of Sir John Lyon, Lord Mayor of London in 1554, who died on 8 September 1564; Richard Lyon’s second wife was Isabel Millett, the sister of his brother-in-law John Millett. Richard Lyon died on 17 March 1579 at Twyford.

John Millett and Alice Lyon has four sons, the eldest of whom was Richard Millett of Hayes Court, whose will was dated 30 December 1594 and proved on 3 February 1595. Richard Millett married Mary Page, daughter of William Page of Sidbury in the Parish of Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, who was buried on 29 November 1558 at Harrow, and Isabell Shepherd, daughter of Thomas Shepherd of Kingesbury Hill, Middlesex.[5]


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