Margery De Ackle

daughter of Simon DE Ackle
born 1226 Northhamptonshire England
married John De Lyon


daughter of Simon De Ackle
Born 1229 Northamptonshire England
married John De Lyoun


Born:  Norfolk


Father Simon de ACKLE
Husband/Partner:       John de LYON


Birth:  Northamptonshire, England
Father:  Simon DE ACKLE, of Ackle, Northamptonshire, England
Husband:  John DE LYOUN


Born 1226
Husband: John De Lyoun


Born 1226 Norfolk County England
Father  Simon de Ackle
Husband  John de Lyon


Birth: Abt 1229 Norfolk England
Husband John LYON


Sir John de Leonne son of Pagan married Margery de Ackle of Northampton


Father Simon de Ackle
married John de Lyon at of Ackle Northamptonshire England






John de Lyoun … married Margery de Ackle and had children, John de Lyon, Baron, 1250 … and Sir Adam, Knight, 1255.

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