Enoch Lyon (1716-1789)

Son of Elhanan Lyon and Meredith Wyatt of Dorchester Mass
Born 11th March 1716 Dorchester Mass
Married 31st December 1738 Susannah Hoar in Dedham Mass
Died 1789 in Weymouth

Children of Enoch Lyon and Susannah Hoar:

  • Sarah
    born 17th October 1733 Stoughton
    died 25th November 1738
  • Meredith
    born 15th May 1741 Stoughton
    married 9th October 1760 Benjamin Monk
  • Sarah
    born 14th April 1744 Stoughton
    married 12th November 1767 Samuel Paine
  • Enoch
    born 19th June 1746 Stoughton
    died 4th February1747-48
  • Hannah
    born 27th February 1747-48 Stoughton
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1 Response to Enoch Lyon (1716-1789)

  1. Lantz Lyon says:

    I was in Newport RI recently and visited the Jewish Synagogue and came across 4 candle sticks that were donated by a Enoch Lyon in 1766 just thought it was interesting. I am Lyon also my relative Henry Lyon came to Connecticut in the 1640.

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