Ancestor Chart (Bernard Asselin – 1929)

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents
Prosper Asselin Hercule Asselin Hercule Asselin Michel Asselin »
Felicite Brisard-St-Germain
Henriette Robillard Jacques-Amable Robillard
Genevieve Schneider
Elizabeth Chartrand Jean-Baptiste Chartrand Jean-Baptiste Philippe Chartrand
Marie-Louise Rousselle
Geneviève-Yadina Demers Jean-Baptiste Demers Demerce
Marie-Anne Romure
Lea Hamlin
Jean Hamelin Unknown
Vitaline Morneau Jean-Charles Morneau
Severine Lavoie
Francois St-Germain Francois St-Germain
Marie-Anne St-Cyr
Clemence Lepine David Lepine
Clemence Gauthier

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