Enoch Lyon (1716-1789)

Son of Elhanan Lyon and Meredith Wyatt of Dorchester Mass
Born 11th March 1716 Dorchester Mass
Married 31st December 1738 Susannah Hoar in Dedham Mass
Died 1789 in Weymouth

Children of Enoch Lyon and Susannah Hoar:

  • Sarah
    born 17th October 1733 Stoughton
    died 25th November 1738
  • Meredith
    born 15th May 1741 Stoughton
    married 9th October 1760 Benjamin Monk
  • Sarah
    born 14th April 1744 Stoughton
    married 12th November 1767 Samuel Paine
  • Enoch
    born 19th June 1746 Stoughton
    died 4th February1747-48
  • Hannah
    born 27th February 1747-48 Stoughton
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Richard Lyon (xxxx-1374)

Amongst those who perished in Wat Tyler’s Rebellion was a Richard Lyon, a Famous Wine Merchant, Lapidary, Owner of Liston Hall Manor at Gosfield and one of the Sheriffs of London in 1374. Richard Lyon had been in former days Wat Tyler’s Master, and was seized and beheaded by the rebel leader in gratitude for all his previous favours.

Descendants of Richard Lyons Shreife of London
? Lyons
.. John Lyon of Walden Essex
….. Richard of Walden
….. + Alice daughter of John Harny of Walden Gentleman
…….. Richard Lyon
…….. Gabriel Lyon of London (1684)
……… + Margaret daughter of ? Jewce by the daughter of Mr.Stonhouse of Berkshire
………… Elizabeth
.. Richard Lyon of Walden Esq


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Northamptonshire England

Northamptonshire within EnglandA county in the East Midlands region of England covering an area of 2,364 square kilometres (760 sq mi), Northamptonshire is landlocked between eight other counties: Warwickshire to the west, Leicestershire and Rutland to the north, Cambridgeshire to the east, Bedfordshire to the south-east, Buckinghamshire to the south, Oxfordshire to the south-west and Lincolnshire to the north-east.

Warkworth Manor


Great Oakley Hall

Great Oakley Hall.jpg

Great Oakley

Great Oakley is a small village (and parish) situated in the Kettering district of Northampton, approximately 2 miles from Corby on an affluent of the river Nen, 2½ miles NNE of the Glendon and Rushton railway station, and 5 miles N of Kettering.

In 1086 there was one manor of Great Oakley held by Launcelin and in the 12th century this was held of the Honour of Huntingdon by de Houton. During the medieval period the main manor can be traced via various families, including the de Lyons in the 14th century. The manor was later divided but brought back together after 1495 by the Brooke family and much of Great Oakley has been in the ownership of the Brooke family, including the De Capell Brooke baronets, since then.

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Lord John de Lyons (1295-1346)

  1. Lord John de Lyons 2110859. Alice de St. Liz


~1295, John born in England, s/o 4221716. Sir John de Leons & 4221717. Margerie de Oakley.

~1305, Alice de Lorico born in England, heir & d/o §William de St. Liz, esq., of Warkworth.

11/16/1318, Commission of oyer … on complaint … that John son of John de Lyouns of Werkeworth and Henry de Hokle, with others, assaulted him at Bobenhul by Coventre, co. Warwick, … (S) CPRs.

1319, Alice’s father made over to her “all his goods moveable and immoveable in his manor of Beckbrok, with investiture or livery of his lands.” (S) Battle Abbey Roll, P216.

1319, John, son of Lord John, Kt., to Alice, daughter of Will de Licio.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1328, Alice living.

1330, Dispensation from the prior and brothers of St. Augustine of Northampton to John and wife Alice for the souls of ancestors: John and wife Margerie [parents], Richard and wife Emma [grandparents], Roger de Lions [great grandfather].

1331, Release to John de Leouns pasture and fishing rights which William de St. John recovered from Margerie, mother of the said John.

1332, John founded a chantry at Warkworth church for 2 secular priests of Chalcombe.

1332, John received a writ of military summons.

6/28/1334, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John Brune, … Oxford. (S) CPRs.

1335, John living.

1336, Sir John de Lyons and John Trymenel had licence to grant to the Hospital of St. Leonard for Lepers of Bannebury, land in Grymesbury. (S) The History of Banbury, Beesley, 1841, P79.

10/20/1337, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John de Wardyngton, … co. Northampton. (S) CPRs.

4/1/1338, Commission of oyer and terminer to William de Shareshull, John de Lyouns and John de Hegham, … county of Nottingham. (S) CPRs.

8/3/1338, Commissions of array and peace … overseers appointed … John de Lyouns and Peter fitz Waryn … county of Northampton. (S) CPRs.

9/5/1339, “… Creditor: John de Lyons, knight, lord of Warkworth [Sutton Hundred, and Great Preston, Fawsley Hundred, Northants …” (S) UKNA.

10/6/1340, Appointment … of John de Lyouns and Simon de Norwicz to arrest John Ward of Great Billyng, … and to imprison them in the Tower of London … (S) CPRs.

7/1346, Sir John taxed for half a knight’s fee in Warkworth to fund the knighting of the Prince of Wales. (S) The History of Banbury, Johnson, 1862, P256.

1346, John, knt., Lord of Warkworth, Northampton died. (S) Effigy of Sir John de Lyons in Warkworth Church.

(S) The Baronetage of England:, 1771, P536. (S) Lyon Memorial, Lyons, 1905, P435.

Family notes:

·         3/1/1311, Protection for William de Lorico, going beyond seas on the service of queen Isabella. (S) CPRs.

• There are multiple John de Lyouns/Lysens/Lyuns/Lyons in the records of this time in other counties. A John de Lyouns is in records long after 1346.

Child of John and Alice:

i. Elizabeth Lyons (1055429), born ~1325 in England. [Heir]

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Margery De Ackle

daughter of Simon DE Ackle
born 1226 Northhamptonshire England
married John De Lyon


daughter of Simon De Ackle
Born 1229 Northamptonshire England
married John De Lyoun


Born:  Norfolk


Father Simon de ACKLE
Husband/Partner:       John de LYON


Birth:  Northamptonshire, England
Father:  Simon DE ACKLE, of Ackle, Northamptonshire, England
Husband:  John DE LYOUN


Born 1226
Husband: John De Lyoun


Born 1226 Norfolk County England
Father  Simon de Ackle
Husband  John de Lyon


Birth: Abt 1229 Norfolk England
Husband John LYON


Sir John de Leonne son of Pagan married Margery de Ackle of Northampton


Father Simon de Ackle
married John de Lyon at of Ackle Northamptonshire England






John de Lyoun … married Margery de Ackle and had children, John de Lyon, Baron, 1250 … and Sir Adam, Knight, 1255.

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The first known Bettencourt is generally considered to be the Lord of Buttecourt, Buthencourt, or Bethencourt who accompanied William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, in the invasion of England in 1066. He was killed in the Battle of Hastings and buried in Battle Abbey, Battle, Kent, England.

The Bettencourts of noble Norman origin took their name from the Castle of Bethencourt in Normandy



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Cistercian Abbey of Mortemer-en-Lions

The Abbey is located in the Roumois region of the Eure département of Normandy.

Normandie Eure Mortemer tango7174.jpg

Enguerrand Portarius of Lions; Mathildis his wife; and William their son were benefactors of the Cistercian abbey of Mortemer-en-Lions in 1186.

Hugh Portarius was also a benefactor in 1205 as was Robert de SL Aubin.

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