William Lyon (1620) Last Will and Testament

Will of William Lyon, Sr., of Roxbury, “dated in the yeare 1692”: The Last Will and Testament of William Lion Senr of Roxbury In the County of Suffolk in his Majesties Territory in New England as follow-eth: I the sd William Lion being in my perfect understanding and memory by the blessing of my mercifull Father into whose hands I commend my Soul, I dispose of my Worldly Estate as followeth.
I will constitute my Eldest son John Lion to be my Sole and alone Executor and Administrator to act with full power as I myself can do during my natural life for to take care for to discharge and pay or cause to be paid all.my just Debts and Such Charges as may be needfull for my decent burialL And also as an attorney to recover all due Debts to the sd William Lion’s Estate. I further will and give unto my son John Lion my now Dwelling house Together with all and every parcell of Land or Lands belonging unto me in Roxbury to the sd John Lion and his Male heires, and If that family should faile of Male heires then the same benefit to Thomas Lion and his Male heires and Samuel Lion and his Male heirea and William Lion and bis Male heires and Joseph Lion and his Male heires.

Furthermore my Will is That my sons Thomas and William Lion shall have my Salt Marsh at Gravelly Point equally divided between them notwithstanding the words all and every parcell in the sixteenth line.

Furthermore my Will is That my beloved Wife Martha shall have Seven pounds a yeare. That is to say Three pounds Term Shillings in Money and Three pounds Ten Shillings in Countrey pay as the sd Martha shall need at current prices, and the new Leantoo at the West¬ern end of my house for to dwell in and room in the Parlour as she shall have occasion for the same privileges above mentioned to be duly performed by the above mentioned Executor unto the sd Martha Lion during her naturall life.

My Will is that my Four Sons, Thomas and Samuel, William and Joseph shall have Sixteen pounds apiece duely and truely paid unto them in Current pay at Current prices within Six years after my death by my above mentioned Executor.

And for the better enabling my Son John Lion to discharge these obligations, I the sd William Lion Senr give all my moveables within and without doors excepting those things particularly given.

And Furthermore if in case that the Salt Marsh don’t come to make Thomas and William Sixteen pounds apiece, then to be made up out of the Estate.

The last Will of William Lion. Witness my hand and Seale and a Seale.
In presence us Jabez Tolman, John Grigs, Francis Youngman.
Probated October 27, 1692.
Inventory, May 27, 1692, amounted to £213 — 16 — 4



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